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27/01/2024 Archipelago of random stuff (not really)


Helloooooooooooooooooooo people of the internet!!!!! LoL I'm still not sure how to start these things. Can't really think a way to start them without sounding kinda awkward, but I think that's just inevitable.
Anyway I wanted to talk about some different stuff so, let's get started!


Better start talking about sillyfes it self. So, while the stuff in my site has pretty much taken some shape, I wanted to add some more.
At the time I'm writing this, I already got my website's button finished. It has a background, a logo and it seems to be working just fine! I've also made it easier to hotlink, but it's not mandatory or anything. Honestly I'm sorta nervours about releasing it to the public, mostly because it isn't a gif (I got no idea how to make those LoL), and it might look kinda boring, but to be honestly, for my first attempt, it's pretty good. Besides, Rome wasn't built in one day or something like that, so I'm happy with it either way. It's probably already at the main page, so I hope sillyfes manages to appear in other websites. The very first silly jumpscare LoL!!!
Again, at the time I'm writing this, I haven't began the art page, which I think I've mentioned as a possibility before, but I've already searched how to display the images, so I'm definetly starting to work on that after finishing entry!
Hope you guys will like the new additions I have in mind as much as I do!


Recently, I've finished Oneshot. I'm gonna be honestly I'm not entirelly sure how to write this section, since the very first time I talk about it, it's for a spoiler heavy part of the game. BUT DON'T WORRY!! I'm not going to spoiler anyone who heaven't played and/or finished the game.
In the most basic way to explain Oneshot, I think it's an experience anyone should go through. To me, it's a pretty personal game, to the point I care for the characters grately. The puzzles were really cool too! Dunno if there is a lot of game sthat does that, but having a game that uses your computer to interact with the game was pretty magical in a way. Even though there were times I got stuck and had run through the maps more times than necessary, I still loved it.
If you haven't played Oneshot, I highly recommend it! Also make sure to not get spoilers. It's going to be more special that way, trust me.


Madou Monogatari 1 (PC-98):

Y'all probably already noticed that, but I'm a Puyo Puyo fan! I've started with Fever last year, since that day I've loved the series. While watching some Puyo content on youtube, I've learned about the Madou Monogatari series. The best way I can explain the series is: Madou came first, Puyo used the characters and after that both series started sharing the characters, although it was never made clear if they shared the same world, like, at all.
Now, what exactly was Madou? Well, the Madou Monogatari series is focused on first-person rpgs, mostly starring Arle as the protagonist and the only way to know "HP" and "MP" is through text and voice lines. The most notable port of the original trilogy: "Madou Monogatari 1-2-3" is the PC-98 one. "Why?" you ask? Well, the style is way to different from the rest of the series!!

Character_SkeletonT_PC98 SkelTMMHDY

These are the same characters btw. Guess which one is the PC-98 one?
Well, recently, the PC-98 port of the first title has been translated!!! I've played it a bit and it's honestly been quite fun. It is sorta hard, yes, but it's still a super fun rpg in my opinion.
If you were interested in the PC-98 ports or just like old rpgs or just rpgs in general, I recommend in giving it a shot!
(Just do your best in setting the emulator and getting a rom of the game, it kinda difficult for me LoL)

I honestly thought I would talk about more stuff, but I'm realizing I don't have more new stuff to talk about, at least for now. I think the last thing I wanted to add is I've watched this video yesterday and I thought it was pretty interesting. It's about looking into the most common games put into "top-5 worst ps1 games of all time" lists, and sorta looking into it to see if they are that bad. So, check it out if you're interested in those sorta stuff I guess.

Well alright I'm gonna make my leave now! See y'all next time!