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31/12/2023 Back from vacation!!!


Hellooooooooooooooooooooo world and welcome to my first blog page!! I'm not entirelly sure if the way I am doing it is harder in anyway, but eh not something I should get worried over. Although I'm not sure about the background. I thought it would look way cooler, but I'm not that confident about it now... Maybe I will change it later on, maybe still something Parappa related since I think it's a good athestic for a blog post.

Anyway, as you've noticed by this page's title, I went to vacation these last days, but I'm already back home.

I traveled to Curitiba to visit some of my relatives. It's normally pretty cold in there, to the point of hotels having heaters (bear in mind this is Brazil, a country that's hot in most of the places) and also having the chance of hail rain, as told by my mom. But it was kinda hot this time. It sometimes rained a bit, but walking alround with the rage of the sun in your back wasn't that uncommon LoL.

Despite that, it was really fun to walk around the city. It's hard to explain, but everything feels way closer to eachother in comparison to where I live. I'm not saying I live in the country, but the vibes are certainly different.

We went to a museum aswell! The name is "Oscar Niemeyer Museum" in case you want to go there. We didn't get to see all of the works because we got pretty tired. Like, it's a pretty big place, with a lot of different art pieces, with two WHOLE floors, with another place that looks like an eye. I'm not sure what the "eye room" had, but according to my mom and my grandma, there is nude people in there I guess. I'm not sure if it's just nude people posing or that I misheard it and it actually was just nude paintings, although I noticed there was already some paintings like that in the other rooms, so I genually don't know LMAO.

Some things a found in our vacation, which I find it very cool and that I'm gonna show some pictures, is *DRUMROLLSSSSSSSSSSSSS* Videogames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of the DS, 3DS and PS4 variety no less!



Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

The first game I got in the vacation. At first I wasn't sure if it was original, because the only DS game I had before this was Super Mario 64 DS... which I have only the case (and the game). No artwork and neither a single piece of paper inside. But after looking alround, I think it might be. I mean, it has a whole manual in it, and the cartridge shows it age.

Besides that, I'm gonna be honest that I've never played the ranger series before. The only time I saw about it was a single video about it that was posted over a decade ago! This game isn't the same as that one tho, since that one the player has a Ukelele Pichu, and this one we actually get to choose our first partner.

I've played for maybe two or three hours in the plane, but I'm probably still in the beggining. As for the time I'm writing this, I'm at ranger rank 2 and I got a Munchlax as my pokémon partner!!! I'm also taking all quests, so I got some added elemental defenses as a bonus

For now, I think the game is super fun and it makes me dissapointed that it's formula just works with the DS and 3DS, making a Pokémon Ranger for switch pretty unlikely, but I suppose that's part of the magic of DS and 3DS games. The only thing I think it's sorta annoying is how you sometimes have to backtrack to get pokémon to help you, but I also could say it isn't that much of problem anyway.


The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

This is the second and last DS game I got. I first played a bit in a R4 cartridge, but since I have the physical now, I'll replay it and continue with that one. Before playing the game, I've consumed it's story with the manga adaptation by Akira Himekawa (not that there are any other adaptation of this game, but it's cool to specify), but I still wanted to play it, for two reasons: A adaptation won't include everything of the main source material and the gameplay is pretty... interesting. As you probably know this game you control Link with the touch screen, and when I say "control" I don't mean to just move Link, it's also to make him attack, use his boomerang and even roll.

Because of that, I'm not sure what is the opinion of the Zelda community on this game, because I can see people not having much patience to deal with the touch screen, specially on emulators, but I like the game so far. The controls are weird at first, sure, but that's just because I'm accustomed to use, well, the buttons to play.

For now, I think it's a cool mechanic that it only works on DS/3DS and while not necessary, it's fun to play with anyway!



Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

I didn't got to play a lot of Final Fantasy when I grew up, since I was a Wii and 3DS boy, and the only FF stuff I got to play was the Chocobo's Dungeon for the Wii. Anyway, when I finally got interest into Final Fantasy (and Dragon Quest), I've, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, downloaded this game in a very legal way on my totally not modded 3DS (hahahahahahhaahahhahahah :)

Actually I didn't download this one, it was it's prequel, but that's just a detail.

Anyway, I played the first Theatrhythm and I loved it that it opened this world of 3DS rhythm games (and rhythm games in general), so having it's sequel in my hands is amazing!

Maybe I'll get Project Mirai next (LOL)



Persona 5 Tatica

Funny story, I've found a copy of Super Mario RPG Remake in this bookstore, but I couldn't buy it that day because I simply didn't have the money, and the next two days after I've found it, when I finally had money (because I got some as a holiday gift), it sould out... So I was at least looking around a bit since we've went out of our way to buy a game. So, I was looking at the PS4 section, I found this game, and sicne I had interest in this one when it was announced, I bought it.

Now, I'm not sure what is your opinion on Persona 5, or any of it's spin-off in general. I've finished the vanilla version of P5 this year, because the Royal one is way too expensive to someone who's not familiar with a series in my opinion. Anyway, I'm now a huge SMT fan, but I'm gonna be honest that I haven't played any P5 spin-off (Actually I did if we're counting PQ2 as a P5 spin-off rather than a Persona spin-off

I've been playing this one for quite a while and honestly, while a lot of people won't find this one interesting at all, for being another P5 game, it's quite fun!

The only tactical rpg I've played is Disgaea 1 and a Fire Emblem for the gba, so I'm not sure how similar it is from other modern tactical rpgs, but I like how it plays, and the whole reimagination of the skills are pretty cool. Like, as far I've seen, enemies and your units don't have elemental weakness, but that doesn't make them useless! Every elemental attack can inflict a status effect (example: Burn, shock, dispair, forget etc) and have different properties from each other. Garu (wind attacks), can sweep the enemy and take them out of the cover, while Psy can take the enemies near you, making them totally defenseless, on top of them chance of hypnotize them!

It is kinda weird how you don't get stuff like, physical attacks as skills, but I get that they reworked the mechanics to make it work in a tactical rpg.

The character dialogue are fun aswell. Don't wanna go into spoilers, but I like the new characters so far and the way the interact with eachother reminds of Persona Q, which is a plus to me!!! Oh and the cutscenes are pretty cartoony and I think that adds a charm to this game.

To be honest, the only thing I don't like so far is that it has a whole story that you have to get a payed dlc to play, that it is available on day one!!! I get that stuff like that is probably the norm but I dunno, not the most fan of that, but maybe I'll get it after finishing the main game and when I get money to buy it.

SO I actually remembered now that I have other stuff to show and that is some mangas, so bear with me a sec, ok? Ok.

Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction volume 7 and 8


Here is one of my favorite mangas, Dededede!!! With Makoto and Ooba in the cover art! So, basically, the bookstore that I normally go just doesn't have any new volumes for a long time. No joke, but I swear I've seen two of them on display for quite some time now.

Anyway, I'm glad I got these to continue the story! Oh yeah, if you're not familiar with Dededede, the story is about these collegue girls living in a reality that aliens ship is flying above japan for years now, without doing anything really, but since people are worried about it, Japan makes more powerful weapons to take down the mother ship and even mass killing the aliens. In my opinion, the manga is a show case of how we're the most destructive beings that ever exist and that we take apart in useless wars only because of fear, misunderstandings and power.

You should read this one in case you haven't already! I heard it will get a two part movie next year and I'm excited about it to be honest"

Oh yeah I forgot to say that the manga begins and ends with a in-universe manga that is a parody of Doraemon! You could argue they don't add much, but I like how we can read parts of an actual manga that the characters read. It's a charming idea and it sorta makes it more believable in a way.

Gashbell! volume 2


Recently, this new editor started releasing Gashbell (you might know it as Zatchbell) on Brazil, for the first time! I've read the first volume and I really loved it!!! I even got a poster in my room (I'll show it later when I get more up there)

Dunno how to explain Gashbell that well, but it's basically a fighting manga, but it sorta works like a turn-based rpg. Like, there is those devil characters (an a example is that pink haired girl), but they can't use they attacks on their own. Their partners (and example being the black haired girl) have to read it from a red book. It's sorta like a big tournament to decide who will be the king as well!

If you like this sort of manga, you should read it!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 volume 2


Basically, I like JoJo. I was pretty exicted to see the 5th part because it's super intersting to me, but for some odd reason, the brazilian Netflix just decided to. not. release. it. for. a. LONG. time. Like, no joke, but you know part 6? Yeah, so it release before the 5th!!!! I got no idea why they did that. What wwere they thinking????

Ok, okie dokie, anyway, the 5th part started getting published in Brazil now, but I didn't found the first volumes, but now I got it! Hopefully I get to find the rest, because it sometimes gets difficult to keep the continuity.

Saturn Apartments


The last neat thing I got to show. I gonna be honest I'm not sure what this one is about, but the illustration looks really cool, and skimming through a bit it looked a nice read. Maybe I've found a new favorite of mine, but I'll only sat for certain when I read it.

That's everything I got to show you guys! I wanted to thank anyone who is seeing this and got interested in my website at all. I honestly wasn't expecting to get it at this level in so little time and didn't thought someone besides my friends andor relatives would see it at all! Not that it's perfect, I still think I'll need to work on the "main" part of this page because it's huge and you barelly can see the background, but I'll work on it eventually, since I'm running agaist time to get this finished before the end of the year.

The next blog post will probably be about a cool arcade machine near where I live, I wanted to talk about it ever since starting this site, so yeah, wait for it! Also, I have plans to maybe add more pages in the navbar! I'm not sure when I'll do it or how many, but I'm sure one of them will be an art page, since I like to draw and showing my stuff could be pretty fun!!

Happy new year to y'all!!!!