(Links with a "(!)" symbol next to it, it means that contains heavy topics and/or graphic content, and it isn't appropriate to eveyrone)


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Fun stuff greenlink6

  • Daily Nekojiru(!) Website made to be a hub of everything Nekojiru
  • Nekojiru.space(!) Contain translated Nekojiru mangas
  • read-nekojiru(!) Focus on translating and providing english Nekojiru content
  • The Velvet Room An old fan page about the first Persona
  • Leechplus Cool website that is meant to be a directory/archive/showcase of personal projects and media
  • MSPFA A wesite of webcomics inspired by MS Paint Adventures (mostly Homestuck)
  • Taiko Time A blog about everything Taiko No Tatsujin
  • laingame.net(!) An accessible way to play Serial Experiments Lain PSX on your browser
  • YNO Project(!) Play Yume Nikki (and some fangames) with other people on your browser! (basically a Yume Nikki mmo)
  • Mother ForeverA fan website about the Mother/Earthbound series
  • Videos/Youtube Channels that I like TFH_Red_Link_pointing

  • Petscop(!) Youtube channel about a weird game a kid got from the mail
  • SherrifDomestic A channel about a weird game found in the dumpster, going into a deeper rabbit hole
  • Summon House A channel about videos the owner downloaded and reuploaded, they're about a game that seems to add the player's prompt to itself
  • Internet Story(!) A short film about a guy solving an arg and posting his findings on the internet
  • NOMOIDA Reviews Yume Nikki The ultimate Yume Nikki review. Tackles in a lot aspects of the game, even some never before seen information
  • The GU-L Experience(!) A video about a forgoten rpg maker game
  • osakaOSPlaylist of update videos of a operational system based on Osaka from Azumanga Daioh
  • action button reviews boku no natsuyami Tim Rogers reviews a PS1 game about summer vacation, the story he has with it and his own childhood
  • Wheelchair Detective Satori(!) A Touhou webseries. About Satori Komeiji solving cases, while searching for the spirit that made her crippled
  • Murder in Pseudo Paradise(!) The sequel of WDS. Important immortal figures of Gensokyo start getting murdered, one by one, with each of their cases being related to a mysterious book. Kosuku, who found the book, is tasked to resolve this case before it goes into the public.
  • ATLUSxP5/Persona 5 Imagining Project A "music" album made before the release of Persona 5. It's sort of a fan interpretation of what it could be. The ost is composed of edited versions of already existing music
  • Pepper Steak Shuffle The Batter from Off dances to Pepper Steak
  • Scatmorshu's World Morshu from Zelda CDI sings Scatman's World
  • Incidente em Varginha -- Trilha Sonora Original The OST of the old brazilian boomer shooter Incident em Varginha (aka Alien Anarchy also aka Alien Shootout)